Purchase Area Baptist Association
Monday, October 14, 2019

Annual Meeting 2015


Zion’s Cause Baptist Church hosted the Annual Meeting. Dr. Charles Frazier welcomed everyone and Frank Sullivan led congregational singing.

Steve Rice, Church Consulting and Revitalization Team Leader from the KBC, spoke to the Association on how to protect your ministry. He had hand outs and a booklet available for the churches attending.

Phil Justice, Sunrise Children’s Services, spoke on a new program that is being launched for those children over 18 and stated that Sunrise is looking for mentors and churches to participate.


The minutes were distributed and reviewed. A Motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Jim Ewing and seconded by Brad Burns. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was distributed and reviewed. Bro. Jim Ewing made comments concerning the report. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Mike Dixon and seconded by Wendell Smith. Motion passed.


TDOM, Dennis Manley, gave his report. He stated that he had been in the position as Transitional DOM for fourteen (14) months and recruiting churches, revitalizing churches, and mission work had been accomplished. He hopes in the future should he become DOM that more churches would join the Association with a goal of twenty (20) in two years.

He also recognized and thanked the leadership team and stated that the Association should be a lighthouse for churches that are looking for an Association.

Old Business:

Beverly Jennings stated that the International Thanksgiving Dinner was on November 21. She still needs volunteers and would like for the help to come from this Association. A sister Association is willing and able to jump in and help.

New Business:

The Leadership Team has made a recommendation that the following churches have met the qualifications to join the Association: Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana,
First Missionary Baptist Church, Impact Church. Due the recommendation of the Leadership Team there was no need for a second, a vote was called, and the recommendation passed.

The Leadership Team recommended that the position of DOM be offered to Dennis Manley and he accepted that offer. The recommendation was called for a vote and it passed.

The proposed Leadership Team for the 2016 year is as follows:
Director of Missions: Dennis Manley
Moderator: Chuck Houston
Assistant Moderator: Ron Welch
Treasurer: Jim Ewing
Missions Team Leader: Jaime Masso
KBC Advisor: Dr. Charles Frazier
Associational Clerk: Angie Dixon

A motion to accept the Leadership Team was made by Mike Dixon and seconded by Clint Talmadge. Motion passed.

The 2016 calendar was presented and a motion to accept the meeting dates was made by Jim Ewing and seconded by Wendell Smith. Motion passed.

Brad Burns, Elm Grove Baptist Church, delivered the message for the evening from Isaiah 6: The assignment you are given.

The closing prayer was delivered by Chris Young. The meeting was adjourned.